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Submitted on
May 23, 2012


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Journal Entry: Wed May 23, 2012, 8:12 PM
Hey guys it's really take a long time for me to complete a bunch of old commsisions , now I'm really happy to say I've done, and ready for a new wave XD .

Welcome to the journal of the main commission. The information still in updates, be sure to check this page again and read the details carefully once you made up your mind to commission with me.

These are the services that I give to you, other than this may negotiate first.

☼ Your Original Characters
☼ Fanarts (in Manga, Comic, cattoon. moie, everything)
☼ Your character in game (WoW, DOTA , Warcraft ,Aion...)
☼ Mature content
☼ ADUFF STUFF ( RECOMENDED)- Ireally want to do some more kind of these stuff  LOL
     (?) (I don't mind whatever it is, include hentai, yuri & yaoi, as long as still fits on me, however Adult content might not be upload in DA)

  -------------------------- COMMISSION INFORMATION ----------------------------


* Pencil sketch (lineart only) character : 40$ per character. (not recomment)
DOTA Allstars -  Four Powerful Heroins by KenshjnPark The Fairy Sisters - lineart version by KenshjnPark

*Headshot (always with shades) :30$ per char .
TRYSTAN - Face Comission by KenshjnPark Four beauty by KenshjnPark Daily sketch - Traxex Drow Ranger by KenshjnPark

You can also check more in these folders :… ;… ;

INK and PENCIL ( with some PTS adjustments)

*Black and white character: $80 with 1  character no BG ( you decide the amount of details on your character) . Add $60 for 1 additional character  , 20-30$ for 1 minor  character (animals,machines or some weird creatures count as minor characters -  it must be simple, not complicated =.=).   Sometimes the animal or creature with a human size, ot too complicated., I must count it as a additional chrracter.

Tsurera- Spirit of the wind by KenshjnPark RUM - The waterbender by KenshjnPark LYNX - Ragnarok character by KenshjnPark  
ERES - Ragnarok character by KenshjnPark Tyra by KenshjnPark
Larothram - The Dragon Knight by KenshjnPark The swordman by KenshjnPark Drow _ The drunken guy by KenshjnPark
COMMISSION SERIES : CALL of DUTY characters by KenshjnPark Lineage2 fanart by KenshjnPark

** Artwork  : advanced poses , details and elements added : + 20 $ (you choose the type of detais you want to add, or even the pose you want)
The Fairy Sisters by KenshjnPark WEIRD LOVE by KenshjnPark
Valentine gift - Ayre and Mei by KenshjnPark:  DOTA Allstars - Stand of the Heroines by KenshjnPark




* 150-300 $/ character with half pose or full body . Adding background is optional with bonus prices

* 80$/portrait

* Chibi stuff, sketches digital, other kind of digital work..... is optional. Can discuss more :)


--------------------- NOTE  (IMPORTANT) --------------------------

:star: Please describe your character CAREFULLY then write down them onto your request note or send directly to my gmail
:star: I will send you a quick sketch first , so you can imagine the arrangement and the pose .Then i'll finish the commission.
:star: I will send you the 300 pdi scan version through your email or note as long as finished
:star: I only accept payment through PAYPAL . My paypalis also
:star: PLEASE WRITE YOUR DEVIANTART ACCOUNT WHEN SHIPPING MONEY, I cant figure out to update the SLOTs *cry*
:star: Please pay first , and I will do the commission , in case that you changed your mind when i've already finished it.
I will finish your commission in 1-2 month since you've paid already ^^



--------------------- (SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE) ------------------

By registering, it means you must follow the rules that we setup for you. Breaking any rules may put you into the blacklist and decline your commission!

1. I have the rights to display any of Commissioned art in any websites, but the credits is yours.

2. The Work of progress is random. it can be slow or fast depends on quantity and quality. but you can also put reasonable deadline. *Reasonable deadline it means start 3weeks-1month after the payment. But please NO RUSH! please understand my situation because I got load of past commissioner and I'm such slow artist for Quality too.

3. Editing: Minor editing is fine for all packages.
Major editing will not be accepted for any kind of packages.

4. Every accepted commission must send your character reference PICTURE & information as much as you have.

5. Payment require after we agree to make a commissions with you. we will reply back to you once is confirmed.

6. No rushing and speed deadline. unless If you in the middle of hurry.

7. NO ORDERING WITHOUT INFORMATION. I'll ignore your request if you don't fill up the commissions form.

8. NO REFUND! all commission that been accepted are not allowed for refund request. though you may request for changing package that suitable for the price. So, please be careful with your request.


------------------- COMMISSION BILL --------------------------

Here's is the commission bill, I create to make you feel more comfortable to describe the commission XD  ( just copy and paste it to your note :D) Sent note to me with  "Request commisison" title

Deviant ID :
Email :  ( to pay and receive the commission)
Type of commission : ( Pencil , ink and pencil only , color version only , both color and ink-pencil version )
Number of characters :
Background or not :
More description :

Title request ( your commission title ):
Fullbody , Kneeup ,Waistup , chest up or headshot or special pose (for artwork only): ( you can choose or just let me pick best option for you , its easier for me , I prefer this ^^! , unless you want a headshot)

Reference photo ( required) :
Price you consider :

Millions thank to you:love::love:
:icononibeg: :icononibeg: :icononibeg:

Thanks for reading ^^

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Xandamus Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
your kills are super fabulous
kisa-yuki Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
i wanted to get the colored commission as a gift but then i saw the price.. orz
roninnuren Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
whoa, (maybe if I where actually rich) sorry
tooshaley Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow I didn't see this earlier, but since you haven't replied to it for a while I'd like to ask if you're still open for commissions?
Gorotsuki-Tatsujin Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
-flails- DX money come onto me!!!!! damn i thought that would work like it does for Knightmare from SC DX one of these days i shall have epicness from you. 
Roko-san Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
Are you still open to commission since I noticed this journal was posted last year?
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the info! 50 dollars does not sound to bad!
Lionel23 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
Hey KenshjnPark, you still do commissions? Journal entry is old so wanted to know, thanks!
chenali Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Kenshjn~ are you still opened for commissions?
chenali Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That list is LONG! But I want to have a commission set up too.. I recommended your art to a friend of mine and he stated he would love to commission you for concept art. He should find yo soon i think. I want to get some art too but curious if you also take points as well.
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